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What can you expect at the Judgment?

Posted by Administrator on 4/4/2015

Turning Disaster into Triumph

Posted by Administrator on 10/6/2014
Turning Disaster into Triumphs
 With all the problems generated in the Ukraine, Islamic State and the Ebola virus, another disaster of biblical proportions, has largely gone unnoticed by the world. There were floods during September in India and Pakistan and raging torrents of water swept whole villages away, leaving countless poor people homeless, hungry and victims of deadly Dengue Fever. In many of our villages 80% or more of the mud houses and tents have just disappeared. New Horizons Missions has done what it can to deal with this human tragedy, by providing food and shelter to as many of the victims as possible. Whether they be Christians, Hindus or Pagans, we try to help these unfortunates in the name of Jesus. 

 But there is always good news – even in the face of disaster.. This is the story of 

Floods Devastate South Asia Again

Posted by Administrator on 9/14/2014

Biblical-size Floods 

This year we were caught by surprise. It looked as though our congregations would be spared the floods that have destroyed so many lives and homes in the three previous monsoon seasons. But, no! This week the whole Punjab region of Pakistan and India has been inundated with deluges greater than any seen in the past 50 years. Millions are homeless and without food and countless acres of crops as well as poultry and cow farms have been "drowned".

How can this happen? Dams built in India have changed the natural flow of 

What's Impossible for Man is Possible for God

Posted by Administrator on 9/1/2014

What's Impossible for Man is Possible for God

It was 10 years ago that Kashi and Shaguta were married. They received the blessings of their Hindu priest and like many other newly-weds, they confidently started on the journey of becoming parents. After all, the couple came from large families so they fully expected to have several children of their own. Shaguta was longing to be a mother – to hold her baby in her arms – boy or girl, she didn't care – she just wanted her own child.

For 10 long years they tried everything but no baby came. They offered sacrifices to the fertility gods – but nothing happened. Finally, they received the worst possible news from their Doctor. After she examined Shaguta, she told the couple that it was impossible for her to become pregnant as she had a barren womb and there was a blockage in her uterus. They were devastated and cried out to the gods of their ancestors - but there was only silence.

Let our own Pastor Kevin take the story up from here. “New Horizons had just installed a clean water system in our village and we invited people of all faiths to

Will God Forgive a Murderer?

Posted by Administrator on 8/20/2014
Testimony from a Prison in South Asia. 

My name is Frankaa Shaman and I am 45 years old. I am married and have 4 children. I am serving over 20 years in prison for murder and other crimes. I am ashamed of my life and what I have done to other poor innocent victims. Like most criminals I started with a small crime but then I became out of control. My first crime started when I was a teenager when I was at a public swimming pool. I saw a purse in someone’s clothes when they were swimming and I put it in my pocket. I spent that money by watching a porn movie with my friend . How I wished I had never done that as I soon found out that porn movies created lustful desires in me and I started to sexually abuse to satisfy my desires and to go with prostitutes as well. Then I started robbing people on the road with a gun to get more money.

Then when I was 18 years old I started using drugs which created more need for money so 

Sometimes Bad Things Just Happen

Posted by Administrator on 7/7/2014

Tragedy for Sunday School Teacher Sisters

Martha and Alison were two sisters that loved each other – but also loved the Lord with all their hearts and they were actively involved in teaching children in the Mission School in the village of Atticah. However, a major flood recently swept through their poverty-stricken village in South Asia leaving a trail of disaster in its wake, First of all, Alison's heart was broken when her beloved sister, Martha was swept away by the raging waters and drowned. Could anything else go wrong? Well it did. A week later, the mud brick wall of a house collapsed on Alison completely crushing her leg. She was left in agonizing pain for several days receiving no medical assistance or even pain killers. The rain continued to pour down on her body but she was unable to be moved because of the extent of her injuries. She tells us she was screaming in pain for three days and nights and was close to death when God sent assistance.

We now move the scene to United States where Pastor James and his team received word of 

God Always Listens

Posted by Administrator on 6/19/2014
Roberta is a lady living in South Asia, and until recently with a husband and two children. But tragedy hit the family when her husband died when the roof in the factory he worked at collapsed and killed him. Roberta was left with two children, no help nor any work to provide for her children and herself. 

She had no where to turn since the people around her were also poor and struggling to stay alive. Roberta cried night and day trying to figure how she and her family would survive. But God had a plan. He directed Roberta to Pastor William who was able to provide her with food and clothing for her family. The blessings continued as other women who are believers in Jesus Christ were able to find work for Roberta as a servant in a Muslim home. But the

Letter from the Missions 2

Posted by Administrator on 6/17/2014

The Needle of Life

Dear Pastor James & New Horizons Team,

God is great and merciful to all of his people and protects these people from all problems. A few years ago disease spread through Bungarla and killed many people. Children were also attacked by disease and those children not immunized contacted diseases including polio, tuberculosis (TB), hepatitis, measles, coughs and other ailments. God then directed New Horizons Missions (NHM) to step forward and immunize both adults and children resulting in disease being significantly reduced in Bungarla.

One of the children affected by polio is Amanda. She is an orphaned girl who lives with her aunt. Almost five years ago she was stricken with polio and unable to walk. The situation was terrible for this young girl. Because her aunt worked, there was no one to watch or care for her. As a result Amanda would sometimes soil her bed, resulting in beatings from her aunt.

But again God directed New Horizons Missions, to step forward. After my contacting you,

New Bible Teachings a Hit

Posted by Administrator on 6/5/2014
Exciting and informative mini-teachings that answers all your questions about Christianity. Pastor James Richards teaches this free series based on his book, "50 Questions and Answers: An Overview of Christian Belief", 

See more

Samaritans Purse Bless Children

Posted by Administrator on 5/20/2014
The smiles went from ear to ear - lines of children standing patiently to receive their beautiful gifts from Samaritan's Purse. These precious children had never experienced anything like this before. Most of them were illiterate, poorly clothed and living in tents or mud houses. But like a Cinderella story, here were these gift-boxes that had traveled thousands of miles and now were being handed to these children in these remote South Asian villages. New Horizons Missions pastors were very happy to coordinate the distribution of the boxes to Christian, Hindu and Muslim children in each community. 

New Horizons Distribute Children's Gifts

Posted by Administrator on 5/16/2014
The smiles seemed to go on forever, from ear to ear and with deep inner joy. This was the reaction when children from two of our villages in South Asia received shipments of gifts from Samaritan's Purse in the USA. These poor children had never experienced anything like this before. Why would complete strangers in a country thousands of miles away send them such beautiful gifts? They found out that it was the love of Jesus that they were experiencing. Yes, Christians in the West had lovingly packed these gift boxes up and sent them off to the poorest of the poor in the Third World. 

Shoes, books, pencils, cuddly toys and even a Bible were included in each box. Our thanks to Franklin Graham, Samaritan's Purse and the thousands of loving Christians in the West that made this possible. Now we will distribute thousands more boxes to other children in our villages in South Asia. many of these will be hearing about Jesus for the first time.

Exciting Stories from the Missions

Posted by Administrator on 4/30/2014
The following is from emails sent by two of our mission pastors working in South Asia. Pastor Damon of New Horizons Missions tells the story that he and his wife visited a homeless area of tent dwellers and were led to a dwelling where a thirteen-year-old boy lay very ill. Damon and Bowella prayed over the dying young man and told the Hindu family about God and Jesus. The boy was quickly healed and in thanks, the parents brought some wheat flour as payment for the healing. They were amazed when it was refused with a smile. Guza and Rehana requested to hear more about Jesus and soon turned their lives over to the Christianity. 

Letter from the Missions 1

Posted by Administrator on 4/8/2014

Dear Pastor James,

I would like to share a story about a young Hindu man who came to believe in Jesus after a long time of learning from God's Word – the Holy Bible. It took a long time for this man to come to understand God’s salvation plan and accept Jesus as his personal Lord & Savior. I prayed for him continuously.  His name is Sameeal and he is 24 years old. When I started to share with him things from Bible, he was not interested ignored me. He was very a ritual person and obeyed Hindu idols and practiced Hindu worship in the Temples. He also offered sacrifices to idols. He shared with me 

Clean Water for the Third World

Posted by Administrator on 3/27/2014


Water and Health for Walabad

by Elayne Alexander, March 2014

Why do something for only a couple of people when you can do it for an entire village,” she said with a sparkling smile. Susan Uriarte, Director of the Women Together in Christ ministry related her plans to the New Horizons group at Shepherds Grove Church in November of 2013. She and her members planned to hold their annual fundraiser to benefit our missions in South Asia and her excitement was apparent in her gestures. The group decided that funds should be used to provide clean water in Walabad Village, where just over 200 Christians live and worship.

Clean water is a major life-giving commodity in any third-world country but in South Asia, it

Tents Become Home in Third World

Posted by Administrator on 3/17/2014

Tents Become Home

Simple but Effective Shelter & Warmth in the Third World

Through the generosity of Donors, New Horizons Missions was able to purchase much-needed huge tents, heaters, and rugs for flooring. Each year, many of our congregations experience devastating floods.  Many of the poorest live in a tattered tent and theses are often washed away by the rushing waters, along with what few belongings they have acquired.

These 250-occupancy tents are used as shelter for those living under trees or out in the open. Pastors report to us that the most needy, newborn babies and their mothers, are particularly grateful for the warmth on the cold, foggy nights of their winter. Without the heat many would die.

Water & Health for Walabad

Posted by Administrator on 3/8/2014

Water and Health for Walabad

 by Elayne Alexander

Why do something for only a couple of people when you can do it for an entire village,” she said with a sparkling smile. Susan Uriarte, Director of the Women Together in Christ ministry related her plans to the New Horizons group at Shepherds Grove Church in November of 2013. She and her members planned to hold their annual fundraiser to benefit

Clean Water

our missions in South Asia and her excitement was apparent in her gestures. The group decided that funds should be used to provide clean water in Walabad Village, where just over 200 Christians live and worship.

Clean water is a major life-giving commodity in any third-world country but in South Asia, it

A Place to Worship & Humanitarian Aid

Posted by Administrator on 1/19/2014
It's hard to imagine that millions in the world don't have a warm place to sleep on cold, wintery nights or a place to worship God on a Sunday. This is what we find in many of the regions we minister to in South Asia. The solution: large tents which we can erect quickly in the cold winters, provide shelter from the Monsoon rains and use as a safe place to hold the church services and Sunday school.

In the west we consider a tent useful for a camping trip by the lake or perhaps to visit when the Circus comes to town. But we have found that in South Asia, a large tent will provide much needed shelter and save lives - especially of the elderly and little children. Each of these large tents will sleep about 250 and is a much-needed asset to a congregation who are living in the most dreadful poverty. What may be a plain tent to us becomes a place of rescue and comfort for the lives that are being benefited from this simple structure.

Mission Bikes Help in Preaching Gospel

Posted by Administrator on 1/13/2014
Our Pastors are highly motivated and energetic snd will walk 3 or 4 hours each way to be able to share the Gospel with just one family. Is all this effort worth it? Absolutely, as more often than not, the family will be touched by the Holy Spirit and then confess their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The New Horizons Mission Pastors never complain about the poor working conditions they have to endure - or the great personal risk they take each day.

But you can imagine their excitement when a Donor enables us to purchase them a brand-new sturdy bicycle. All of a sudden they are now able to visit 3 or 4 villages in a day and then return home with the added bonus that their bodies are not as exhausted as they are frequently.

Urgent Need for Clean Water

Posted by Administrator on 12/6/2013
Millions of poor people in the Third World have no option but to drink filthy, germ-laden water which leads to diseases and in many cases, to death. New Horizons Mission has a very successful Clean Water project where we drill deep wells - far under the contaminated water levels, and bring up unlimited quantities of beautiful clean water. Although we are a Christian ministry, we provide our clean water to all those that are in need. Hindus, Pagan, Muslims, Sikhs - even Atheists, are welcome to obtain pure water from New Horizons Missions.

Child Sponsors Change Lives

Posted by Administrator on 11/29/2013
One of the most successful programs operated by New Horizons Missions is their Child Sponsorship Program. For less than a dollar a day, a Sponsor is able to send a child to school, provide school uniforms and shoes, warm winter clothes, a daily hot meal, books and all other needs.

This is Nitasha with her sister Ridha - two of the success stories of the Sponsorship Program. Previously doomed to a life of illiteracy and poverty, these beautiful girls now have a bright future ahead of them - thanks to their Sponsor.