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Disaster Into Victory

Posted by Emily Richards on 4/15/2019


Preaching the Gospel By Our Actions - Instead of Words

Dear NHM, here’s a letter that describes how Ahsin and his family were transformed. God turned their disaster into a great victory.
My name is Ahsin and I am 46 years old and my wife’s name is Hina and she is 45 years old and we have three children. We have been pagans for many, many generations. During the floods this year, we were left to drown by our own people who left us in the flood waters. But some Christian people saved our lives and they gave us food and medicines. Our pagan priest would not allow us to join his camp, because we had no money to give the priest to eat food in his camp. However, Pastor Sohail allowed us to stay in the Christian camp. We ate good food there and we had a place to sleep and stay.
During floods I became very sick with high fever and Pastor Sohail helped me to get tests for Dengue Fever. These tests showed I had reached second stage of the Dengue disease. I had no money to pay for my treatment, so the hospital would not give me any medicine and left me to die. My wife and children knew I would die without treatment. When Pastor Sohail saw my children weeping in camp, he came to the hospital and he paid the doctors to treat me with medicines from the NHM funds you had sent him. When my fever reduced my wife told me that the Christians had paid for all my treatment. I was very astonished because I did not know Sohail or any of the Christians and they don't know us and our hearts. But the Christians allowed us to live in their camp without any money. I started thinking, "What kind of people are they who treat strangers like their own brothers and sisters? They ask us about our health and about our needs. They gave us food when we are hungry. Who would do this,” I asked myself? In these times, no one helps others. Even brothers let other brothers die, but these Christian people love others with their heart and soul. 
When pastor Sohail came to hospital, I asked him why Christians help us so much. He said, Jesus asked them to help us. He read some Bible verses for me that shocked my heart and mind. Jesus said, “If you do something for others you do it to me,” and that changed my life. I asked Sohail to teach me more about Jesus. After leaving hospital, I spent a month in the Christian camp with my wife and children and we all learnt from the Bible.  Every day the Pastors prayed for us.  They were all kind to us and spent much time teaching us from the Bible.  

  Christian Missions
After 2 weeks of reading the Bible, I repented with my family and we confessed our sins before Jesus, and we became Christians. We pray every day to God as well as read the Bible. Jesus is the great example to us as He feels the pain of his people and always answers the prayers of Christians - even if sometimes his answer is, "No." We are sure he always will do what is the best thing for us.  We are thankful to God who led us to these Christian people and their rescue tents, and our family is very happy to receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. When I went back home after the floods, we broke all the pagan god statues and we tore down all pictures of gods we had been worshiping. We’re so happy to have Jesus in our lives - thank you for making it possible.

God bless you all at NHM. We may not ever meet on earth, but I know we will meet you all one day in heaven. 
Ahsin and Family