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Floods Devastate South Asia Again

Posted by Administrator on 9/14/2014

Biblical-size Floods 

This year we were caught by surprise. It looked as though our congregations would be spared the floods that have destroyed so many lives and homes in the three previous monsoon seasons. But, no! This week the whole Punjab region of Pakistan and India has been inundated with deluges greater than any seen in the past 50 years. Millions are homeless and without food and countless acres of crops as well as poultry and cow farms have been "drowned".

How can this happen? Dams built in India have changed the natural flow of water and the regional governments have failed to build the earthworks 
South Asia Floodsnecessary to protect the people. Some experts also claim that climate changes are making the monsoon rains more intense. So even though we can point the finger at who or what is responsible, the fact is that millions of the poorest of the poor and homeless and without food. This is a “Biblical Sized flood - the water is 10 feet deep in many villages. Can you imagine trying to cope with that in your home?

Here's some good news:
1. In most of the villages where we operate pour missions, we have now erected large tents on high ground to provide shelter to those whose house or tents have been washed away.
2. In spite of the floods, our clean water systems are flowing in almost every village.

But we have a huge problem with food - we have over 1000 families in our churches without any food at all. In these remote areas there is no help from the governments or large charities. We are only a tiny Gospel-preaching 

ministry with limited resources but we are sending what we can to prevent disaster; especially making sure little children can get a tiny bit of food. We are praying that God will send us donations so that we can provide one meal a day for 2000 Christians until the waters recede in about 2 weeks.

Here's the question that we all ask at these times:

Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?”
Because of this devastating flood and the horrific persecution of Christians in the Middle East, I will be teaching a very special lesson that will answer this question. Perhaps you are going through a personal tragedy and asking the same question, “Why, God, why?”

I believe this will answer most of your questions. If you would like a copy of this special lesson, please email me HERE.

If you can assist in providing emergency food for starving Christians please use the Donate button or contact me.

If we don't help, who will?

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 Your  tax-deductible donation will provide food and medicine for  Christians that have lost everything in the floods.  Yes, you will make a  huge difference. Thank you.