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How will they hear unless someone tells them?  Romans 10:14

God Always Listens

Posted by Administrator on 6/19/2014
Roberta is a lady living in South Asia, and until recently with a husband and two children. But tragedy hit the family when her husband died when the roof in the factory he worked at collapsed and killed him. Roberta was left with two children, no help nor any work to provide for her children and herself. 

She had no where to turn since the people around her were also poor and struggling to stay alive. Roberta cried night and day trying to figure how she and her family would survive. But God had a plan. He directed Roberta to Pastor William who was able to provide her with food and clothing for her family. The blessings continued as other women who are believers in Jesus Christ were able to find work for Roberta as a servant in a Muslim home. But the tiny wages she received still made it difficult for her to care for her family. New Horizons Missions continued to try to supplement the needs of Roberta and her family by providing food and clothes, but this could not be done on a permanent basis. 

And then God stepped in again. A Donor from NHM came forward and sponsored the purchase of a Goat for Roberta and her family. The goat brings them a good source of income and allows them to survive. The news gets even better! The goat became pregnant and over the years even more goats will be born, building a modest income that will enable them to escape from poverty. Roberta is forever thankful to God and NHM and wants to dedicate time to helping the work of the church in her area and to commit herself to giving her children something she missed out on – a good education.
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Roberts with Goat