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How will they hear unless someone tells them?  Romans 10:14

Letter from the Missions 1

Posted by Administrator on 4/8/2014

Dear Pastor James,

I would like to share a story about a young Hindu man who came to believe in Jesus after a long time of learning from God's Word – the Holy Bible. It took a long time for this man to come to understand God’s salvation plan and accept Jesus as his personal Lord & Savior. I prayed for him continuously.  His name is Sameeal and he is 24 years old. When I started to share with him things from Bible, he was not interested ignored me. He was very a ritual person and obeyed Hindu idols and practiced Hindu worship in the Temples. He also offered sacrifices to idols. He shared with me that he was not having peace spiritually, however he continued to worship in temples because his parents and grandparents worshipped the same and taught him this was the way to God.

When I began to teach him from the Bible, he started to raise some questions about Jesus and God. He started to respond to me as he learned many new things about Jesus and his birth, death and resurrection. I shared with him that God loves us and he slowly came to know many things about God and His love. After many months, God opened his heart and he received Jesus as his Lord and Savior. We are all rejoicing and Sameeal has told me that he has finally found the spiritual peace he needed. 

He is also sharing with his wife, his experience of knowing Jesus and we expect her to follow him to salvation soon. He and his wife have been watching 10 Minute Bible. We are praying for him and for his safety as sometimes relatives become very angry when someone comes to believe in Jesus. He needs God’s protection that he will not be killed for his faith.

Sometimes converts come to Jesus very quickly and for others like Sameeal it takes months or even years for them to give up the old ways of their ancestors. But we never stop preaching the good news.

Pastor Paul