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Letter from the Missions 2

Posted by Administrator on 6/17/2014

The Needle of Life

Dear Pastor James & New Horizons Team,

God is great and merciful to all of his people and protects these people from all problems. A few years ago disease spread through Bungarla and killed many people. Children were also attacked by disease and those children not immunized contacted diseases including polio, tuberculosis (TB), hepatitis, measles, coughs and other ailments. God then directed New Horizons Missions (NHM) to step forward and immunize both adults and children resulting in disease being significantly reduced in Bungarla.

One of the children affected by polio is Amanda. She is an orphaned girl who lives with her aunt. Almost five years ago she was stricken with polio and unable to walk. The situation was terrible for this young girl. Because her aunt worked, there was no one to watch or care for her. As a result Amanda would sometimes soil her bed, resulting in beatings from her aunt.

But again God directed New Horizons Missions, to step forward. After my contacting you, a member of NHM came forward and provided the support that has saved the life of Amanda and after receiving hospital treatment, she is now able to walk again. Praise the Lord! But that wasn't the end of the story. NHM has sponsored her education and she is going to school and is a star student in High School. Her English is so good that she can now watch 10 Minute Bible each week. She gives special thanks to her sponsor Silvia, who has not only sponsored her financially but also supported her with prayer. Amanda says she loves and is thankful to Silvia, NHM and God for helping her defeat polio and TB.

Amanda is now praying to God to help the other children who are now facing polio, TB and other diseases. There is an outbreak of these diseases throughout South Asia. And again NHM has stepped forward to provide immunization of the children. We pray that you continue God’s work as there are thousands of children who still need to be protected by being immunized

God Bless you all, Pastor Samuel, South Asia