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How will they hear unless someone tells them?  Romans 10:14

Mission Bikes Help in Preaching Gospel

Posted by Administrator on 1/13/2014
Our Pastors are highly motivated and energetic snd will walk 3 or 4 hours each way to be able to share the Gospel with just one family. Is all this effort worth it? Absolutely, as more often than not, the family will be touched by the Holy Spirit and then confess their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The New Horizons Mission Pastors never complain about the poor working conditions they have to endure - or the great personal risk they take each day.

But you can imagine their excitement when a Donor enables us to purchase them a brand-new sturdy bicycle. All of a sudden they are now able to visit 3 or 4 villages in a day and then return home with the added bonus that their bodies are not as exhausted as they are frequently.

Note from Pastor Zulfqar: Our trainee Pastor John is so excited to have his bike. He carries his Bible bag with him on his bike. His bike makes him able to reach people that live far from our home that were too far away to walk.  On his first day on the bike, a new married couple came to Christ. They were Hindus and Pastor John lead them to Christ after he traveled to their village on the new bike.. They professed Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. They are happy to accept Jesus Christ. We can reach many more villages when we have a beautiful Mission Bike available to help with the preaching of the Gospel.