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Samaritans Purse Bless Children

Posted by Administrator on 5/20/2014
The smiles went from ear to ear - lines of children standing patiently to receive their beautiful gifts from Samaritan's Purse. These precious children had never experienced anything like this before. Most of them were illiterate, poorly clothed and living in tents or mud houses. But like a Cinderella story, here were these gift-boxes that had traveled thousands of miles and now were being handed to these children in these remote South Asian villages. New Horizons Missions pastors were very happy to coordinate the distribution of the boxes to Christian, Hindu and Muslim children in each community. 

The biggest question these children (and their parents had was, "Why?" It seemed surreal to them that anonymous Christians living thousands of miles away would have lovingly packed such beautiful gifts to send to children they didn't know or would ever meet. Pastor James Richards, director of New Horizons Missions told us, "Our Pastors in South Asia want to thank Samaritans Purse, Franklin Graham and all of those wonderful families that worked so hard to make up these beautiful gift boxes. Many times you don't get to hear what happened to your donation. But now you can hear it from me - you have made thousands of little children living in our villages very happy. If that's not enough - it is an incredible way of preaching the Gospel - not words but by demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ." New Horizons Missions is very active in the Third World.

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