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Sometimes Bad Things Just Happen

Posted by Administrator on 7/7/2014

Tragedy for Sunday School Teacher Sisters

Martha and Alison were two sisters that loved each other – but also loved the Lord with all their hearts and they were actively involved in teaching children in the Mission School in the village of Atticah. However, a major flood recently swept through their poverty-stricken village in South Asia leaving a trail of disaster in its wake, First of all, Alison's heart was broken when her beloved sister, Martha was swept away by the raging waters and drowned. Could anything else go wrong? Well it did. A week later, the mud brick wall of a house collapsed on Alison completely crushing her leg. She was left in agonizing pain for several days receiving no medical assistance or even pain killers. The rain continued to pour down on her body but she was unable to be moved because of the extent of her injuries. She tells us she was screaming in pain for three days and nights and was close to death when God sent assistance.

We now move the scene to United States where Pastor James and his team received word of the plight of one of their committed Sunday School teachers, Alison. Within minutes, approval was given for a rescue to be attempted and under the direction of our local Pastor Calvin, a boat ambulance was sent,which took her to a hospital 20 miles away.

New Horizons

Alison received good medical care and pain medication and eventually she had her leg completely reset with surgery. It took a couple of months for her to be able to get around nimbly as before but now she is back teaching all the children from her beloved Bible.

Alison told us, “The pain never stopped and I was growing weaker every hour. I wasn't frightened of dying as I knew I would see my sister, Martha again. But I felt God had more work for me to do here in South Asia,. So I wasn't surprised when New Horizons rescued me and saved my life by getting me medical care and surgery. I now spend all my time telling the children about Jesus and I know one day I will see Him face to face and also be able to embrace my dear sister, Martha once more.”

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