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Tents Become Home in Third World

Posted by Administrator on 3/17/2014

Tents Become Home

Simple but Effective Shelter & Warmth in the Third World

Through the generosity of Donors, New Horizons Missions was able to purchase much-needed huge tents, heaters, and rugs for flooring. Each year, many of our congregations experience devastating floods.  Many of the poorest live in a tattered tent and theses are often washed away by the rushing waters, along with what few belongings they have acquired.

These 250-occupancy tents are used as shelter for those living under trees or out in the open. Pastors report to us that the most needy, newborn babies and their mothers, are particularly grateful for the warmth on the cold, foggy nights of their winter. Without the heat many would die.

Third World tent

The canvas structures also double as a church for our congregants every Sunday and many new members are attracted to the hospitable atmosphere they create. Membership is rising!

Four more tents with propane heaters and rugs for flooring are badly needed. The tents cost $400 each while the sets of heaters are $90. Rugs to shield people from the hard cold ground are available for $100. We pray that God will put it in your heart to help provide for these hopelessly poor sisters and brothers in Christ.  Contact [email protected]

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