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Water & Health for Walabad

Posted by Administrator on 3/8/2014

Water and Health for Walabad

by Elayne Alexander

Why do something for only a couple of people when you can do it for an entire village,” she said with a sparkling smile. Susan Uriarte, Director of the Women Together in Christ ministry related her plans to the New Horizons group at Shepherds Grove Church in November of 2013. She and her members planned to hold their annual fundraiser to benefit

Clean Waterour missions in South Asia and her excitement was apparent in her gestures. The group decided that funds should be used to provide clean water in Walabad Village, where just over 200 Christians live and worship.

Clean water is a major life-giving commodity in any third-world country but in South Asia, it is a matter of life or death. Rivers, from which people drink daily, are badly polluted with run-off from factories, animal and human waste, plus bacteria from insect detritus. Children are especially vulnerable to diseases conjured up by these cesspools. One villager, Marie, reported that inhabitants try to strain the water through their clothing but since these garments are washed in the same water little effect is obtained.

Walabad was chosen as the district to receive the clean water. Samuel, the longest serving of Pastor Richards' leaders in South Asia, stated that clean water would cure many villagers of present gastro-intestinal problems and would also help the mission to present the Gospel to thousands of non-believers in the area.

The ladies of the WTC group donated many beautiful items for a raffle and many dug deeply into purses and wallets to purchase tickets. The monies earned covered not only pure, clean water in the Third World, but there was enough left over to sponsor a young girl’s tuition into the Shepherds Grove Academy.

As with most projects of this magnitude it took several months for pipes to be laid and for drilling to be done but on February 18th, Pastor James received the following letter from Pastor Samuel:

Good Morning Pastor James

I am so excited to and happy to report that the clean water supply is running very fast in Walabad village and people are so excited about.  Before, many small children died with dirty because dirty water had a lot of germs and caused TB, Hepatitis and other fatal disease.  People were so poor and this clean water was like a dream to them. We could see the pain of poor people who were sick with dirty water and we kept in our prayers and we asked all people to keep praying for clean water.

We thank God who used Women Together in Christ group to bless people and poor children with clean water supply. You will be astonished and happy to know that gastric and stomach problem havee been eliminated among people who are drinking clean water. Now veryone can wash their hands after toilets and before eating food. Children are not getting sick any more.

We are allowing people of all religions to get water from our supply. Thank you to the women who did a great work to give glory to the name of Jesus Christ through clean water supply. Many non-believers will also come to get water and it will give us a chance to tell them about Jesus.

Thanks for your love, prayers and help.

Pastor Samuel

The ladies of the WTC listened as their director read the letter to them and passed around photos. Many broad smiles and a few tears were evident in the room as Susan Uriarte gave her update.

Pastor James Richards, the head of New Horizons Missions, once related that our Asian brothers and sisters in Christ ask frequently why strangers care so much about them. “It is more blessed to give, than to receive,” we tell them--- with full hearts.

*All women are invited to visit the Women Together In Christ meetings at 9.15 am each Tuesday in the Sheepfold at Shepherds Grove Church.