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How will they hear unless someone tells them?  Romans 10:14

Will God Forgive a Murderer?

Posted by Administrator on 8/20/2014
Testimony from a Prison in South Asia. 

My name is Frankaa Shaman and I am 45 years old. I am married and have 4 children. I am serving over 20 years in prison for murder and other crimes. I am ashamed of my life and what I have done to other poor innocent victims. Like most criminals I started with a small crime but then I became out of control. My first crime started when I was a teenager when I was at a public swimming pool. I saw a purse in someone’s clothes when they were swimming and I put it in my pocket. I spent that money by watching a porn movie with my friend . How I wished I had never done that as I soon found out that porn movies created lustful desires in me and I started to sexually abuse to satisfy my desires and to go with prostitutes as well. Then I started robbing people on the road with a gun to get more money.

Then when I was 18 years old I started using drugs which created more need for money so I was stealing more frequently. When I got married I thought everything would change – but it didn't. I neglected my beautiful wife as well as the four children we had together. There is no doubt I was a very bad husband and father.

One day, my friend and I entered into a home with the intention of robbing it. My friend had a gun in his hands. We ordered the woman in the house to give us money but she shouted out for help. Some neighbors arrived to help her. In a moment of pure evil, I grabbed the gun from my friend and I held it to the head of the woman to make her a hostage so we could get away without being captured. But she was very frightened and tried to snatch the gun from me. As she wrestled it from me there was a loud explosion and I knew that the gun had fired into her head and she died instantly. The neighbor seized us and called the police and I was sentenced to many years in prison by the Judge.

I was a non-believer and I never went to church and I had never even met any pastor. Last month, I saw a book in the hands of another prisoner called Balaear. I asked him what it was and he said  it was called the Bible and was the Word of God. He told me God created the heaven and the earth and Jesus is the Son of God who gave His life for our sins. I was astonished that someone was prepared to give His life for others who were strangers. Then my friend told me how God made a plan for our salvation. He told me many stories from the Bible that touched my heart and I felt hope in my life for the first time. I had thought that I could never be forgiven because I was a murderer, a robber and a drug addict.

My new Christian friend, Balaear took me to meet Pastor Anthony from  New Horizons Missions who visits our jail each week to preach the Gospel. Pastor Anthony taught me about God's plan of salvation and he told me that if I repented of my evil deeds and 

South Asia Jail

accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and believed He was raised from dead, I will be forgiven. God will forgive my sins and He will love me like His own child. I was astonished to hear this and I started weeping as I remembered all the people I had hurt and the woman I had murdered. “Surely God will never forgive me?” I had to ask Pastor Anthony over and over again. But he assured me that if I truly repented, then God would wash me clean of all my sins. I felt a huge black cloud leaving me and experienced peace in my heart for the first time in my life. It made me so happy and I am telling other prisoners about Jesus so their lives can also be transformed.

I asked my wife to visit me in jail and I begged her forgiveness and told her that I was a new man. She was excited to hear about Jesus and she has now given her life to God and is raising our 4 children as Christians. I spend a great deal of my time praying and witnessing to others. As you might know, I have no possessions in prison, but last week I received a beautiful gift from New Horizons Missions – my very own Bible. I am so thankful to God who is sending his Mission people to jail to preach the Gospel. I shall always try to live a holy life now and I am praying for all those that I have wronged.   I love Jesus. Please keep me in your prayers.

Many blessings.

Frankaa Shaman
Prison, South Asia

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