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Turning Disaster into Triumph

Posted by Administrator on 10/6/2014
Turning Disaster into Triumphs
 With all the problems generated in the Ukraine, Islamic State and the Ebola virus, another disaster of biblical proportions, has largely gone unnoticed by the world. There were floods during September in India and Pakistan and raging torrents of water swept whole villages away, leaving countless poor people homeless, hungry and victims of deadly Dengue Fever. In many of our villages 80% or more of the mud houses and tents have just disappeared. New Horizons Missions has done what it can to deal with this human tragedy, by providing food and shelter to as many of the victims as possible. Whether they be Christians, Hindus or Pagans, we try to help these unfortunates in the name of Jesus. 

 But there is always good news – even in the face of disaster.. This is the story of 
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