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How will they hear unless someone tells them?  Romans 10:14

Let the Little Children Come to Me

Posted by Emily Richards on 8/21/2019
"Let the Little Children Come to Me"
These words from Jesus, remind us that it's not only about preaching the Gospel to the lost - it's also about reaching out to those in need in any we can. 

Children in Missions

New Horizons Missions has an amazing ministry that provides Bibles to literate converts, sewing machines and goats to poor widows, education for the children, clean water to villages and training for those wanting to develop as pastors or leaders. 

Yes - it's true - the main thrust of our ministry is to preach the Gospel so that more can come to Christ - (7000 have already made that decision), but we also want to be the feet and hands of our beautiful role-model, Jesus Christ. 
For example last year we housed and fed for six weeks, 2500 victims of floods that destroyed communities. That's an example of trying to emulate our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Want to know more about our Missions to South Asia?  Write us an Email  HERE

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