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Covid not just a Western Virus - Spreading Now in South Asia

Posted by Emily Richards on 2/17/2021
Covid not just a Western Virus - Spreading Now in South Asia
We in the West have been fixated on the spread of Coronavirus through our communities. We sometimes forget about the poor in South Asia. In America, UK, Mexico and throughout Europe, the impact has been severe and deadly. Millions are unemployed, millions of businesses have been forced to close and the impact on Western economies have been devastating. Everyone seems to have a loved one who has been infected with this Virus and has died or become severely compromised. But what about the Third World - in particular South Asia where New Horizons operates its Missions?

India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh, and other countries in the region, have also been severly impacted by this China-originating Virus. Millions have become unemployed and are therefore starving, as there is no social-service network available to pay unemployment, or provide food to the countless starving families. In our Missions we have been struggling to keep up with the many Christian families who have been reduced to begging for food. It's a calamity on a major scale and we in the West are mainly insulated from this unfolding disaster.
Poor Family Receives Food

But with God's blessing, and the generous support of Donors, New Horizons Missions has been able to provide substantial food supplies to the Christians in our mission villages, ensuring that they are supplied with basic food items to sustain life.  If you would like to contribute to our ongoing drive to feed starving Christians in these Third-world countries, please click the Credit Card button bellow. Every $10 gift provides enough food for one family for a month. Thank you. 

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