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A Letter from the South Asia Missions

Posted by Emily MacGregor on 1/12/2021
A Letter from the South Asia Missions
January 12, 2021

Letter sent by Pastor Luke from a woman called Ladula. 

My name is Ladula and I am 35 years old. and my husband is 40 years old. We were Hindus and were very poor. We had no children. A few months ago, my husband became very sick with an illness. His liver was not working properly, and he was getting sicker and weaker each day. I had no hope and I had no one in the world except my husband. I asked many people to help me to enable him to have medical treatment, but no one helped me. In the Hindu religion they say if bad things happen, it is Karma. 

One day when I was weeping outside of our home because I knew that my husband would die soon. Your Pastor Luke was going past my house and he asked me why I was crying. “Is everything fine”, he asked. I told him that my husband was dying, and no one would help us. He came into our house to see my husband and he prayed over him and he gave me some money to buy medicine. Next week he came to meet us again and again he prayed for my husband. I am glad to say that God answered the prayers of Pastor Luke and my husband started recovering and his pain was getting less each day. 

In a month, he started walking and felt healthy again. It was a miracle from Jesus! We are thankful to God for helping us through Pastor Luke and we learnt from him about Jesus Christ and the Christian beliefs. We are very happy to tell you that we gave our lives to Jesus. We came to Jesus who healed my husband with a miracle of healing. Stone gods have no powers. Jesus has power to heal his people. He is great and answers our prayers. Stone gods and the elephant god never replied when we called out to them to help. Why would anyone follow a god who never hears us and never answered us? Pastor Luke and New Horizons led us to the only true God who changed our lives and now we are proud to say that we are Christians. My husband and I are happy and rejoicing in the Lord. 

Thank you for your Missions, as my husband is now healthy and alive, and we now have eternal life. 
God bless you all, Ladula