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A Letter from the Missions - the Jesus Movie

Posted by Emily MacGregor on 10/25/2021
A Letter from the Missions - the Jesus Movie

Letter from the Missions
October, 2021

From Pastor Sohail:  Good Morning Dear Pastor James and NHM team.
Today I would like to share the story of a Hindu woman and her family that came to Christ after watching the Jesus movie.

My name is Lapla, and I am a 50-year-old widow with two children. I was a Hindu and I want to tell you how Jesus changed our lives.  I do housework in different homes to earn some money to feed my children. My 15-year-old daughter Sara had been ill for several years with fever and measles. She could not walk because of the sickness and had been so weak that she lay in bed for more than 2 years.  

Two weeks ago, I saw many women and men going to the village playground to see a religious movie that was to be shown by the local New Horizons Mission in the Urdu language.  My children asked me if they could see the movie.  So, I took my children to the playground to watch the movie on a big screen. At first, I thought my children would be amused to watch it, but when it started Pastor Sohail told us about how Jesus was the Son of God.  He told all of us Hindus, how God sent Jesus to pay the price for our sins and we could spend eternity with God in heaven. Then he happened to mention how Jesus sometimes heals people. When I watched this Jesus movie, it touched my heart and soul, when I saw how Jesus fed the poor and how His teachings were so awesome and good.  I also saw Jesus casting out demons and healing people.

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When it was finished, I asked Pastor Sohail to tell me more about Christianity and he told me that Jesus came to lay down His life for His people and he said if we repent, He forgives our sins. I then asked him if Jesus would heal my daughter. Pastor Sohail read many verses where Jesus healed people when they prayed with faith. Sohail asked me to pray to God in Jesus name and seek His will and He could heal my daughter.  I prayed to God in the name of Jesus Christ and Pastor Sohail put his hands on my daughter and he prayed for her as well. After a long night at the Jesus movie, followed by prayers, we went to home and slept soundly. 

Early in the morning, I heard my daughter calling me by my bed. Usually, she could not walk and stand properly but now she was standing next to my bed - and she looked so fresh. I touched her arm to feel her fever, but it was gone. I hugged my child, and I ran to Pastor Sohail, and I told him that Jesus healed my daughter, and He is the true Son of God who hears our prayers. I bowed down, got on my knees, and I repented before God over my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. If I had not seen the Jesus movie, I would have not known about Jesus.  Now my daughter is healthy and running and playing with the other children. This was her dream, and thanks to Jesus her dream came true. I am now telling all my Hindu relatives that Jesus is real and true, and the Son of God. I am very happy to be a Christian, and now both my children have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior too. Thank you for bringing the Jesus Movie to us.

God bless you all, Lapla.